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About Growler Flask

We have been in the homeware and interior furnishings market for almost 10 years, and Growler Flask's success has been built on meeting the requirements of private and retail customers, either to enhance or to introduce a new product range.

Every piece is handmade to the highest standards that Mr. Alexander Mayer, the creator of the Growler flask range, has set. The idea was born whilst he was attending a days shooting in Shropshire. He passed his normal hipflask around and it was returned empty, so something had to be done.

The business was set up in Dec 2005 with one flask, and over the years we have developed the concept to include numerous items in the range, each year we try and offer a new product that is equally unique and practical as the original Growler flask.

We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of Growler Flask as we do.

Happy Days!