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Introducing The Growler cup bag
This elegant item has 10 Stainless Steel cups that concertina inside each other and fit snuggle in the carrying bag. The bag is hand made from hard wearing leather which is semi rigid, with a carrying strap that has a stainless steel clip on it in order that it can be attached to a Growler bag or belt..

Features - Gallon Growler
  • Each cup has been engraved with a number from 1-10 on the underside.
  • Each cups is 8cms x 6cms
85.00 + 10 (p+p)
Care instructions

Treat this item as you would silver, clean with a soft cloth and an approved silver polish. Do not use an abrasive fabric otherwise you may scratch the flask. The flask should be cleaned and polished about twice a month to stop dirt and finger marks to stain.

We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in the Growler, and although people say they will, it is not suitable as a spare fuel tank. Please rinse the flask out with water before use. The flasks are for the occasion use rather than a storage facility for liquid. To this end we recommend that it is used and then emptied at the end of the day / event.