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Introducing The Pottle Growler Flask...
This unique flask has the same shape as any other hip flask except it has a volume of half a gallon.

Features - Pottle Growler (now includes the Gallon Bag FREE)
  • It is 22cm tall x 18cm wide x 7cm depth.
  • It is made from 100% stainless steel, highly polished to finish it off.
  • "The Pottle Growler" is engraved on the back of the flask.
  • Comes in a black cotton sleeve for protection.
  • It retails for 115 plus 10 p+p. (please allow 3-5 working days for delivery)
  • "The Pottle Growler", which you may know is a measure of Gallon, a term that was widely used in Victoria British. Since those days it is little used in Britain, however, we are hoping for a revival ! Please see our list of names for measures for a clearer view.
  • We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in any Growler. Please rinse the flask out with water before use.
  • The ideal present for that person who has everything

Care instructions

Treat this item as you would silver, clean with a soft cloth and an approved silver polish. Do not use an abrasive fabric otherwise you may scratch the flask. The flask should be cleaned and polished about twice a month to stop dirt and finger marks to stain.

We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in the Growler, and although people say they will, it is not suitable as a spare fuel tank. Please rinse the flask out with water before use. The flasks are for the occasion use rather than a storage facility for liquid. To this end we recommend that it is used and then emptied at the end of the day / event.