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Introducing The Wassail Growler Flask (with 6 cups inside the cap)...
This unique flask has the same shape as any other hip flask except it has a volume of 1 gallon.

Where does the name Wassail come from?

Wassail is Old English (Waes hael), literally meant “be in good health”, which dates back as far as the 1400’s. By the twelfth century, it had become the salutation you offered as a toast, to which the standard reply was “drinc hail”, “drink good health”. It was a Saxon custom that at the start of the year, the Lord of the manor would shout “waes hael”, and the assembled crowd would reply “drink hael.

As time went on, the tradition was carried by people going from door to door, bearing good wishes and a wassail of hot spiced ale, believing they would receive good luck for the year.

There is even a song !! The Wassail Song

Features - Wassail Growler (now includes the Gallon Bag FREE)
  • It is 36cm tall x 25cm wide x 7cm depth.
  • It is made from 100% stainless steel, highly polished to finish it off.
  • "Wassail Growler" is embossed on the back of the flask.
  • It retails for £170 plus £10 p+p. (please allow 3-5 working days for delivery)
  • This is 1 Gallon in volume and has 6 cups inside the cap. Wassail is Old English, literally meant “be in good health”. By the twelfth century, it had become the salutation you offered as a toast, to which the standard reply was drinc hail, “drink good health”.
  • The top of the cap unscrews and the cups concertina inside each other and are placed inside the cap of the flask.
£170.00 + £10 (p+p)

Care instructions

Treat this item as you would silver, clean with a soft cloth and an approved silver polish. Do not use an abrasive fabric otherwise you may scratch the flask. The flask should be cleaned and polished about twice a month to stop dirt and finger marks to stain.

We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in the Growler, and although people say they will, it is not suitable as a spare fuel tank. Please rinse the flask out with water before use. The flasks are for the occasion use rather than a storage facility for liquid. To this end we recommend that it is used and then emptied at the end of the day / event.